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Maquifornos - Máquinas e Fornos, Lda
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Founded in December 13, 1988, engaged in the manufacture and marketing of equipment for the food industry, especially for bakeries and pastries. The company deployed its headquarters in Vila Verde, Concelho de Sintra where is located since its founding. Currently the manufacturing facilities, have recently acquired 6280 m2 area and total covered area of 2190 m2.

The organizational structure was based on the current Management, capable of a "Know-
how" relation to the total industrial area. This capability allowed to enter into a venture directed to manufacturing equipment with the relevant application Food Industry, used especially in the areas of bakery, catering and ice cream.

The creation of company was enhanced by securing a space of the size required for the purpose, which was followed by the purchase of machinery and tools applicable and consequent hiring specialized staff to carry out activities related to the start of production, according to the qualitative and quantitative requirements in line with their respective requirements.
In the first phase of its existence, MAQUIFORNOS chose to focus on production of bakery ovens, bakery, cameras of fermentation and accessories. Later, the company complemented its offer with new products, among which are the preservation chambers, refrigerated counters, and other application equipment in the industries listed above. Sede Maquifornos - Rua do Casal da Ligeira, RAL 2710-446 SINTRA
ISO 9001 - Certificação de Sistemas de Gestão da Qualidade.
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